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Commercial Permit Application

  1. Type of Proposed Construction

  2. Is a new curb or new driveway going to be installed?

  3. ATTACH THREE (3) COPIES OF THE SITE PLAN AND A COPY OF THE LEGAL DESCRIPTION The site plan must be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer from the State of Illinois

  4. Two copies of the building or structural plans should be sealed by an Illinois Architect or Structural Engineer. All mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans should be sealed by an Illinois Architect or Professional Engineer. Letter of intent is required from the Plumbing Company and Electrical Company doing the work.

  5. The Building Department must be notified in writing if any change in plans are made.

  6. Note: All contractors and/or subcontractors working on the job must be registered with the City of Crest Hill or no permit will be issued.

  7. I/We agree that all work performed under said permit will be in accordance with the site plan(s) and building plan(s) which accompany this application. I/We understand that if the proposed structure or use violates the Zoning Ordinances of Crest Hill, the entire application will be returned to the applicant for further action to bring proposed structure into compliance with ordinance requirements. I/We understand that if the permit is not paid for within 1 month from issuance, construction is not commenced within 6 months from issuance, or if construction is not completed and a final inspection for occupancy is not requested within one year of issuance the permit is void. If work is not completed within one year the original permit is void and must be renewed to continue work or request any further action.

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