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City of Crest Hill - 1610 Plainfield Road - Crest Hill - 60403 - 815-741-5100

  1. Yearly Fee: $200

  2. Is the property zoned for dumping?

  3. Do you have written authorization to use facilities

    Please send authorization with this application

  4. Schedule of fees to be charged

  5. Certificate of Insurance as Specified in Section 8 of Ordinance 113 (Please attach certificate to this application)

    Surety Bond as Specified in Section 7 of Ordinance 113 ( Please attach surety bond to the application)

  6. I, the applicant, do hereby agree to conform to all provisions of Ordinance 113 “An Ordinance Providing for the Licensing of Scavenger in the City of Crest Hill, Illinois and to the Statutes of Illinois.

  7. City of Crest Hill 1610 Plainfield Road Crest Hill, IL 60403

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