Water & Wastewater

For water service, new customers, billing information, sewer/water rates or any general water questions, residents may call the City of Crest Hill Water Department at (815) 741-5104.

The phone number for after hours calls for water dept. is (815) 741-5111.

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E-pay is a safe and secure option to pay your Crest Hill water bill. Made available by the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office.

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Wastewater Treatment General Information

The collection and processing of wastewater and storm water in a quick and efficient manner is vital to the health and safety of the residents of the City of Crest Hill. This is why the City of Crest Hill has two Wastewater Treatment Plants. The Treatment facilities are managed to the specifications mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency and has complied for over the last 20 years. The Treatment plants are able to process all wastewater produced by the city's residents. The operators of these facilities provide the proper control of several complex biological as well as chemical processes that produce clean water. The clean water that is produced by the plants is released back into nature according to EPA guidelines. If you have sewer backup in your house or business, please feel free to call at (815) 741-5108 during the hours of 7am - 3:30pm. For after hour's assistance please call (815) 741-5104. For any questions please feel free to call (815) 723-8671.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my water pressure is low?
You should run water from the outside faucet to check the pressure. If the pressure is low then check the screens at faucets and water softener filters. If necessary contact the City of Crest Hill during business hours.

What do I do if my water is discolored or has an odor?
If the water is clear from the outside faucet then the hot water heater needs to be flushed and odor should stop once this has been done. If the water is not clear from the outside faucet, then do not run the water for three (3) hours. After three hours, flush the water throughout your house.

At what point is a water leak the City of Crest Hill's responsibility?
Any leak between the curb stop (valve) and the home is the responsibility of the homeowner.

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