Recently approved ordinances:

Ord. 1562 - Amending Ordinance 727, as Amended by Ordinance 1151, 1204, 1207 of the Municipal Code of Crest  Hill in Relation to Recreational Vehicles
Ord. 1574 - Amending Chapter 5.20 of the Municipal Code of Crest Hill in Relation to Hawkers and Peddlers
Ord. 1575 - Regulating Solicitation Within The City Limits
Ord. 1576 - Amending Ordinance 1570 in Relation to Business Licensing
Ord. 1578 - Regulating the Placement and Use of Donation Boxes
Ord. 1581 - Regulating the Storage and Handling of Deicing Materials
Ord. 1582 - Initiating a Public Questions Regarding a Non-Home Rule Sales Tax
Res. 860 - Declaring Plans for Future Disbursement of Non-Home Rule Sales Tax
Ord. 1588 - Amending Ordinance Pertaining to the Assessment of a Garbage Removal Surcharge
Ord. 1589 Establishing the Position of Community Service Officer
Ord. 1595 - Establishing a Non-Home Rule Sales Tax
Ord. 1603 - Authorizing Video Gaming

Ord. 1604 - Establishing New Boundaries for Aldermanic Wards
Ord. 1607 - Establishing Nuisance Abatement
Ord. 1612 - Amending Title 13 of Code of Ordinances Regarding Water Restrictions
Ord. 1615 - Establishing an Equal Employment Policy for the City of Crest Hill, Illinois, Including Provisions to Benefit Individuals with Disabilities
Ord. 1624 - Amending Ordinance No. 727, as Amended, of the Municipal Code of the City of Crest Hill, Illinois in Relation to Portable Storage Units
Ordinance 1629 - Amending the Position of City Attorney
rdinance 1633 - Ordinance Amending the Position of Economic Development Director

Ordinance 1636 - Adopting the Illinois Vehicle Code
Ordinance 1637 - Amending Title 2: Administration and Personnel of the City of Crest Hill Code of Ordinances for Purposes of Creating a Department of Public Works
Ordinance 1643 - Amending §6.04.045 of the Crest Hill Code of Ordinances Regarding Restrictions on the Number of Dogs and Cats
rdinance 1648 - Amending § 13.24.080 of the Crest Hill Code of Ordinances in Relation to Water Liens

Code of Ordinances:

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Title 1. General Provisions

Title 2. Administration and Personnel

Title 3. Revenue and Finance

Title 4. Reserved

Title 5. Business Licenses and Regulations

Title 6. Animals

Title 7. Health and Safety

Title 8. Reserved

Title 9. Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Title 10. Vehicles and Traffic

Title 11.Reserved

Title 12. Streets and Sidewalks

Title 13. Water and Sewer

Title 14. Reserved

Title 15. Buildings and Construction

Title 16. Reserved

Title 17. Reserved