Hydrant Flushing

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City of Crest Hill Hydrant Flushing Frequently Asked Questions

1. My water is discolored, is it safe to drink?

a. Yes, the discoloration is only cosmetic. The water coming from your tap is safe to drink.

2. My water is discolored, what can I do?

a. Most times flushing all of your toilets and running all of your sinks for 5-10 minutes will solve the problem. This will allow for fresh water from the newly flushed mains to enter your home.

3. The hydrant near my home caused damage to my property.

a. Please call 815-741-5108, and a member of city staff will come out to your property to evaluate the situation.

4. Why does the water system need to be routinely flushed?

a. The city’s water distribution system is a complex network of pipes and storage reservoirs where sediment or deposits may naturally accumulate over time. If not removed, these material may cause water quality deterioration, taste and odor problems, or discoloration of the water. Water may also stagnate in lesser used parts of the distribution system. This can result in degraded water quality.

5. I didn’t see anyone flush my hydrant, when is this being done?

a. Hydrant flushing is taking place between the hours of 9:00pm and 6:00am.

6. What should I do after the flushing?

a. If the tap water is used during flushing, it could come out full of sediment and discoloration. If you encounter discolored water, shut the water off and wait several minutes. After waiting, check the clarity by running cold water for a few minutes allowing new water to work its way into your pipes. If not, wait a few more minutes and check again. In some cases, you may experience slight discoloration for a few hours. This discoloration only affects the appearance of the water; it does not affect the taste or water quality.

7. I have low water pressure after the crews have flushed the hydrants in my area, what can I do?

a. Check the screens on the faucets and shower heads, they have the ability to get clogged with the sedimentation that we are disturbing in the system.

8. What is the silt/sedimentation in the water after the hydrants have been flushed?

a. Water naturally contains minerals and these minerals combine and react in the pipes on their way to your home. This is a natural development and the sedimentation/silt is a by-product of this process. The sedimentation/silt can build up in the water mains and reduce water flow and pressure. Flushing the hydrants helps remove this build up and improve water quality.

9. Which zone am I in?

a. Zone 1: Caton Farm Rd. From Weber to Broadway and the area surrounding Menards and the Library.

b. Zone 2: The East side of the Borio Subdivision along with Renwick towards the Fire Barn.

c. Zone 3: The West side of the Borio Subdivision, The Fields of Longmeadow, and Remington Lakes.

d. Zone 4: Carillon Lakes and the Renwick Club

e. Zone 5: Advantage, Enterprise, and Cambridge Crest

f. Zone 6: Ward 1 From Oakland East

g. Zone 7: Oakland West to Burry Circle including Brian Dr, Autumn Ridge, Willow Falls, Sac Dr and Barthelone/Heiden

h. Zone 8: Hillcrest Shopping Center, Crestwood Estates (Root, Lincoln, El Dorado, Leness Ln)

i. Zone 9: Big Richland Area (Green, Greengold, Circle, Fern), Crest Acres and Whispering Meadows (Connie, Susanna, Ardaugh), The Village, Caton Crest, Waterford, and Little Richland (University and Parkrose)

j. Zone 10: Fox Meadow and All Areas South of Theodore

10. The flushing is not in my area, why is my water discolored?

a. When flushing zones 1-5, any one of those areas may be discolored. When flushing 6-10 any of those areas may see a discoloration. This is due to the two different pressure zones within the city. The discoloration should disappear over time like any discoloration.

11. How long will hydrant flushing take?

a. This process is scheduled to wrap up on October 13th.

Your question not listed?

Do not hesitate to call us at 815-741-5108, Monday- Friday 7:00-3:30

If this is an emergency after hours please call 815-741-5111