Places for Eating Tax

Places for Eating Tax Remittance and Registration

Starting in January 2023, Crest Hill taxpayers are required to use Localgov to file and pay Places for Eating Tax MONTHLY and submit a registration form ONCE for each establishment.

The deadline to file is by the 20th of each month. For example, taxes for sales that occurred for the month of January must be filed by February 20th to prevent incurring late fees.

The first filing deadline is February 20th, 2023.

Please note that each Places for Eating establishment must be licensed with the City before registering and filing taxes through Localgov. Please follow the instructions here for obtaining a business license with the City Clerk’s office:

All City of Crest Hill businesses where prepared food is sold for retail for immediate consumption with seating provided, whether consumed on premises or not, must submit monthly tax fillings and the business must be registered with the City of Crest Hill.

Please complete the City of Crest Hill’s registration form on Localgov prior to submitting your first tax filing. Businesses only need to register ONCE for each establishment. There is no fee to register.

        Register, File, and Pay online through Localgov at

The City of Crest Hill Places for Eating Tax business community can now take advantage of Localgov, a business-friendly online tax filing & payment platform that offers greater convenience and flexibility to busy entrepreneurs.

To access Localgov, taxpayers must set up a free account which takes only a few minutes. Then, simply add your businesses, complete the online remittance form for Crest Hill and select a secure payment method, such as ACH, credit, or debit card. Localgov also offers instant confirmation payments and forms have been received.

Our Localgov customer service team is here to help with registration and filing! Email or call (877) 654-0021. Set up your free account online at

Set up your account, register, file, and pay:

It takes just a few minutes to get started, set up payments, and get current with your taxes. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Localgov Customer Service at (877) 654-0021 or

Watch the Crest Hill Taxpayer Training Presentation Here:

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