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City of Crest Hill - 1610 Plainfield Road - Crest Hill - 60403 - 815-741-5100

  1. Block Party Application

  2. Per Ordinance 1032- Any loud noise heard after 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and after 10 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday is considered a nuisance and can be charged with a violation of Ordinance 1032

  3. The Crest Hill Public Works Department will supply you with barricades that will be dropped off the day prior to the block party at the applicants house and will be picked up the next available work day after your party. You are not allowed to have open liquor on the city streets.

    You are not allowed to have open fires on the City streets, but you can have grills.

    Please make sure that all garbage is cleaned up and tables, chairs and grills are removed prior to the street being reopened.

    The City of Crest Hill hopes that you have a safe and enjoyable block party.

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    (Give copies to the following departments after approval granted by Council)

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