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City of Crest Hill - 1610 Plainfield Road - Crest Hill - 60403 - 815-741-5100

  1. Business License Application

  2. Fees

    Home Based Business: $25
    All Other: $50

  3. Restaurant, Bar, Clothing Store, Retail Store, Grocery Store, Pawn, Jewelry, Bakery, etc.

  4. Please note that the city's sales tax rate is 18%

  5. Do You Wish to Have Your Business Listed in Our Free Online Directory:

  6. Please list the names and addresses of all owners or partners or officers of the company

  7. Please Note

    The City of Crest Hill requires that all owners or partners provide the city with a copy of a State Driver’s License or State picture ID card. Without proper identification, a business license will not be issued. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

  8. Please read the following and complete the section or sections that pertain to your company.

  9. Do you have a burglar alarm?

  10. Do you have amusement/video machines?

  11. Do you have vending machines?

  12. Do you serve or sell any type food or beverages (packaged or fresh)?

    You must also contact the Will County Health Department to find out their rules and regulations.

  13. If you have answered yes to any of the above questions there are further forms that need to be completed and additional fees paid. These forms can be obtained through the City Clerk’s Office, 1610 Plainfield Road or on the City website For further information please call 815-741-5100.

  14. Once you have completed this application it will be turned over to the Crest Hill Building Department. Prior to a license being issued the following will be done:

    The Building Inspector will check the zoning of the property to make sure that it is properly zoned for the type of business you would like to conduct.

    - An inspection is required by the Code Enforcement Officer and Lockport Fire Department prior to operating the business. Please contact the Code Enforcement Officer regarding these inspections at 815-741-5122.

    - If you are renting a business location, you must check with the Water Department at (815) 741-5104 to set up water service and to check on the rules and regulations.

    - If you are a new business, not including residential businesses, or you are an existing business moving to a new location, you must provide a floor plan to determine building requirements and /or Fire Department requirements. This drawing need not be done by an architect or engineer but must be ¼ scale and neatly drawn and it must show layout, shelving, exit signs, fire extinguishers, etc.

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