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City of Crest Hill - 1610 Plainfield Road - Crest Hill - 60403 - 815-741-5100

  1. Garage Sale Permit

  2. A Garage Sale Permit is required before any person holds or conducts a personal property sale, such as but not limited to, garage sales basement sales, yard sales, porch sales, estate sales or auctions for the purpose of selling used household, clothing or any personal property items which are owned by the resident(s).

    Permit Fee: $5

  3. Permit Terms & Conditions

    This permit is issued only upon compliance with the following terms and conditions: The permit shall be valid for not more than the dates indicated above, and in no instance more than four (4) consecutive days.

    Not more than two (2) permits shall be issued per dwelling per calendar year. You may also participate in two (2) City wide garage sales which are the third weekend in May and the third weekend in August.

    The permit shall be posted on the premises in a conspicuous place so as to be readily seen by the public and City enforcement personnel.

    Any Police Officer or Enforcement Officer of the City shall have the right to enter the premises showing evidence of a personal property sale for the purpose of enforcement or inspection. City Enforcement Officials may close sale operations upon determination that a violation of the City Ordinance exists.

    Any signs displayed in connection with the sale authorized by this permit shall not be placed on utility poles, street light poles, traffic signs and street signs pursuant to ordinance #1467 (see reverse) are subject to removal and disposal.

    The undersigned hereby agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions of this permit.

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